This services allows patients a simplified and streamlined process to have a colonoscopy or gastroscopy from the team of top endoscopy proceduralists in Orange. Specific lists each week are allocated to perform open-access endoscopy procedures.

The team of doctors consist of:

  • Dr William Mackie

  • Dr Henry Hook

  • Dr Andrew Gilmore

  • Dr Angus Hibberd

  • Dr Robert Knox

  • Dr Jared Chang

In order to participate patients require a referral from their General Practitioners and an appointment made by completing the referral form and returning to the day surgery.

​We will work closely with your GP and will communicate directly the endoscopy report. Biopsy results will be promptly sent to your referring doctor.

​You will have an opportunity to consult with your specialist before and after the procedure.

Any significant or concerning results are discussed immediately with you and by telephone with your GP provider.

​Please contact the day surgery if you have any enquires regarding our open access endoscopy service.



With the 'Open Access' or direct referral system the patient is referred by the patient's GP for a procedure without consultation with a Gastroenterologist.

The patient must have few or no medical complaints to access this system. No consultation fee is charged.

The following are the supporting information documentation for procedures performed using this Open Access referral system.



PDF Version: Open Access Referral Form



Please note: Please see below, the referral templates and the instructions required to import the forms into your clinical program. Please remember to SAVE the template to a folder. OPEN THE DOCUMENT FIRST AND SAVE AS TYPE RTF. YOU CAN THEN OPEN THE RTF DOCUMENT IN YOUR PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.

Medical Director: Click here to download MD

​​Best Practice:  Click here to download BP