The surgeons that operate at the Orange Surgery Centre are all from the local area and are well respected in their field of surgery. We are proud to be associated with them, and they represent the high standards that the facility maintains.

The following doctors operate at Orange Surgery Centre:

  • Dr Andrew Gilmore

  • Dr Hugh Lukins

  • Dr William Mackie

  • Dr Tim Nicholson

  • Dr Peter Asimakis

  • Dr Alan Bank

  • Dr Andrew Green

  • Dr Jeremy Curtin

  • Dr Jared Chang

  • Dr Ying Shi Chang

  • Dr David Wu

  • Dr Robert Knox

  • Dr Angus Hibberd

  • Dr Stephen Hayes     

  • Dr Henry Hook                       

  • Dr Andrew Wong

  • Dr Sherene Alexander

  • Dr Basil Crayford 

  • Dr Michael Tame

  • Dr Clair Whelan

  • Dr Gordon Brown

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